My Background

I am a Chemical Engineering undergrad at NUS. When I was in Year 2, I learned 2 things – how much I didn’t enjoy learning about Chemical Engineering, and how much I loved learning about personal finance.

Since then, I have binged on all things personal finance – podcasts, videos, blogs, books. I have learned so much and I love how all this knowledge helps me make smarter financial decisions.

Why I Started thefrugalstudent

As I learned more and more about personal finance, I found out that if I had known all of this at an earlier age, I could have saved and earned more than $1000 during those few years – all without working.

It upset me that it took me so long to improve my financial literacy and I wish that I had discovered the world of personal finance sooner.

I realised that because financial literacy is not taught in schools, many students will feel the same way I did in a few years’ time – wishing they had learned it earlier.

I started this website with the aim of improving the financial literacy of students and young adults in Singapore by sharing tips and information relating to saving, spending, investing and all things personal finance with articles that are detailed, yet simple to understand.

My Mission

With so many aspects of personal finance, it can be overwhelming trying to learn about the things that are important to you.

thefrugalstudent focuses on producing content that is tailored specifically for students and young adults, so you don’t have to spend time filtering through articles that aren’t relevant to you.

With this website, I hope to spread knowledge and awareness about personal finance to fellow students in Singapore so that they can manage money like a pro, and start adulting on a financial pedastal.