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How To Get Your HFE Letter Reassessed

If you’ve been considering buying an HDB flat, you’re probably familiar with the HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter.

While the HFE letter helps to streamline the HDB-buying process, the rigidity that it comes with can pose a serious challenge for … Read more

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New Beginnings – April 2024 Update

As some of you might have noticed, I have been on a hiatus for about 2 months – the longest break I’ve taken since starting this blog.

This hiatus was unintentional, ie I didn’t plan to stop posting for this … Read more

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How To Withdraw NS Credits From LifeSG With No Fees

National Service (NS) might not be the favourite aspect of many Singaporeans’ lives, but at least it comes with benefits once in a while… right?

One such benefit is NS credits, and in this post, I’ll tell you how to … Read more


Reviewing My Personal Finances For 2023, Plans For 2024

Yet another year has come to an end, and for what it’s worth, it’s been fairly eventful in terms of my personal finances.

I wanted to take some time to review my personal finances for 2023 and also share what … Read more

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SkillsFuture Credits: How To Upskill Yourself For Free

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Do you want to progress in your career, but first need to improve your skills further?

Are you considering a career switch, but don’t yet have the relevant skills required?

Or do you … Read more

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TFH #35: Earn Free Money With Shopee Pets

Last time, I wrote a post about Shopee Games where you can earn diamonds for playing games, which can then be used to redeem vouchers to offset your spending.

However, this is pretty inefficient in the sense that it can … Read more

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TFH #34: Happy Money

Do you set aside a portion of your salary or budget on things that make you happy?

As we try to become more financially responsible, we often end up looking for ways to reduce our expenses.

While cutting out things … Read more

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn – June 2023 Update

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

This is a quote that I saw outside a small boutique shop in Seoul during my trip to Korea, and I think it defines my trip experience perfectly.

In life, there will be times … Read more

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TFH #30: Frugal With Time

There’s no doubt that time is a precious resource.

But when I was younger, I couldn’t quite appreciate the value of time – it’s only in recent years that I started experiencing for myself just how valuable time is.

As … Read more

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3 Ways You Can Leave Every Mahjong Game Richer

Mahjong is a popular hobby among many Singaporeans including me, probably especially so during Chinese New Year.

While we can’t win every game of mahjong, it’s definitely possible to leave every game richer than we were before.

1: Richer In

Read more