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TFH #35: Earn Free Money With Shopee Pets

Last time, I wrote a post about Shopee Games where you can earn diamonds for playing games, which can then be used to redeem vouchers to offset your spending.

However, this is pretty inefficient in the sense that it can take you weeks or even months of playing to get enough diamonds to redeem anything worthwhile.

But another Shopee game – Shopee Pets – allows us to earn Shopee Coins rather quickly and efficiently.

How Does It Work?

In Shopee Pets, users can collect various pets and feed them daily to earn Shopee Coins.

Shopee Coins earned from feeding your pets are stored within Shopee Pets, but can be withdrawn into your Shopee Wallet quickly without any restrictions.

Basically, there are only 2 things you need in Shopee Pets to start earning Shopee Coins: a pet and some food.

Each pet lasts for 14 days and can be fed up to 3 times per day, so you can feed each pet up to a total of 42 times.

After the 14 days have passed, feeding the pet will yield diamonds instead of Shopee Coins, which can be used to redeem vouchers, similar to other Shopee Games.

Generally, I think it’s more worthwhile to yield Shopee Coins instead of diamonds.

How To Get Pets?

There are 2 ways to get pets in Shopee Pets.

You can get a free pet every 10 hours from the Gacha machine or you can buy pets using Shopee Coins during limited-time sales.

Pets in Shopee Pets are not all equal – each one comes with a ranking, ranging from 1* – 4*, with 4* pets being the best.

Pets of different ranks have different earning rates when you feed them.

For example, a 1* pet may only yield 0.16 coins/feed, while a 4* pet may yield 2.44 coins/feed.

Within each rank, it’s also possible for pets to have different coin-earning rates.

For example, 1* pets may yield 0.07, 0.11, or 0.16 coins/feed.

The rank of a pet doesn’t affect how much food is required to feed it each time – feeding a 4* pet uses up as much food as it does feeding a 1* pet.

This means it’s best to own and feed higher-ranked pets instead of lower-ranked ones to maximise your total Shopee Coins earning rate.

The free pet from the Gacha machine will be either 1* or 2*, though a 2* pet seems to be extremely rare.

To get 2*, 3*, or 4* pets, you’ll have to purchase them using Shopee Coins during limited-time events.

Below is a table summarising the details of each rank of pet:

PetSale PeriodCostCoins/FeedTotal Yield
2*1st – 10th250.8334.86
3*11th – 20th401.5565.10
4*21st – 31st502.44102.48

Purchasing pets through these events will always yield a positive return if you feed them the maximum number of times.

How To Get Food?

There are 3 ways to get food in Shopee Pets:

  1. Daily check-in
  2. Daily quests
  3. Request from friends

By checking in daily, you can get 100 – 300 food/day.

Each daily quest you complete will yield you 75 – 150 food depending on which quests they are.

Daily quests are generally easy to complete – feeding your pet, customising its accessories, playing minigames, etc.

It shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes to complete all your daily quests.

Finally, you can request food from other users, and you can receive up to 500 food/day.

On average, it should be possible to earn ~1000 food/day.

Feeding each pet 1 time will cost 100 food, so you should be able to consistently feed pets 10 times/day, spread across your choice of pets.

This means that you can max out feeding 3 pets every day, and you might be able to increase it to 4 pets every day if you manage to get daily quests that give higher food rewards.

How Many Shopee Coins Can You Earn?

Based on the information above, the best case scenario is if you have 4 4* pets because they have the highest yield.

In this case, here’s how many Shopee Coins you can earn:

Shopee Coins earned/feed = 2.44

Shopee Coins earned/day/pet = 2.44*3 = 7.32

Shopee Coins earned in 14 days/pet = 7.32*14 = 102.48

Net profit in Shopee Coins = 102.48 – 50 = 52.48

Total profit for 4 pets = 52.48*4 = 209.92

So, in 2 weeks, you can earn ~$2 worth of Shopee Coins.

Of course, if you use pets with lower ranks, this amount will change accordingly.

As with all methods to earn money for free, this isn’t a life-changing amount, and you won’t miss out on much for not doing it.

But hey, this is pretty decent if you’re just looking for a way to kill time.

3 replies on “TFH #35: Earn Free Money With Shopee Pets”

In one of the daily task items – Buy any clothes in the closet (with coins) – and if completed you’ll get 150 feeds of coz you have to spend at least 10 coins to carry out the task. My question is I have spent at least 10 coins but I still do not get that 150 feeds. How do I get that 150 feeds. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Hey Anna,

Thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment!

I know which task you are referring to, however, I have never completed this task before (I usually skip it if it is one of my daily tasks), so I’m afraid I’m not able to help you with this, sorry!

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