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How To Earn Bonus Miles And Cash Rebates With Kris+

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You’ve probably heard of KrisFlyer – Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer program.

But did you know that they have a lifestyle app – Kris+ – that allows you to earn bonus miles, cash rebates, and even enjoy exclusive discounts?

With a wide range of benefits, Kris+ is an app that everyone should use even if you’re not a miles chaser.

In today’s post, I’ll tell you how to get the most out of your Kris+ membership.

What Is Kris+?

As mentioned earlier, Kris+ is a lifestyle app.

You can earn bonus KrisFlyer miles, cash rebates in the form of KrisPay miles, and enjoy exclusive discounts/promotions at partnered merchants when you pay with Kris+.

Kris+ is completely free to use – all you need is a KrisFlyer account, which is also free to create via Singapore Airlines’ website.

Which Merchants Are Partnered With Kris+?

Kris+ has partnered with merchants across a wide range of industries including Dining, Activities, Retail, Wellness, and Services.

Here are some notable merchants within each category:

DiningParadise Group, EN Group, Dancing Crab,
Huggs Coffee, Cedele
ActivitiesiFly, Madame Tussauds, Ola Beach Club,
Royal Albatross
RetailAdidas, Challenger, Harvey Norman, iStudio,
SK Jewellery
WellnessDrHair, Ikeda Spa, JR Fitness, Options Pilates
ServicesCTC Travel, Fullerton Health, Pan Pacific
Hotels Group, UOB Travel

KrisFlyer Miles VS KrisPay Miles

Kris+ allows you to earn 2 different types of miles – KrisFlyer and KrisPay.

While they are both referred to as “miles”, they have different uses.

The former functions as airline miles, ie the “currency” used in the KrisFlyer program, while the latter functions as points, ie the “currency” that is used to offset payments within Kris+.

KrisPay miles cannot be used as KrisFlyer miles.

Using Kris+ will allow you to earn both KrisFlyer miles and KrisPay miles via different means, so it’s important to note the difference and when you will earn each type of miles.

How To Earn KrisFlyer Miles

KrisFlyer miles can be earned when you use Kris+ to pay at a partnered merchant that awards bonus miles.

The bonus miles that can be earned vary between merchants, with the rate being as high as 9 miles per dollar (mpd).

More specifically, you’ll earn KrisPay miles that can be transferred to your KrisFlyer account as KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 ratio.

Only the KrisPay miles earned from paying at partnered merchants can be converted to KrisFlyer miles – KrisPay miles earned from other means cannot.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to earn KrisFlyer miles with Kris+:

1. Identify a partnered merchant by looking for the Kris+ QR code when making a payment or searching within the Kris+ app.

2. Pay with Kris+.

To pay with Kris+, open your Kris+ app, tap “Pay”, and scan the merchant’s Kris+ QR code.

Note that Kris+ payment is only supported by mobile payment, ie Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Pay, so you’ll need to have a card saved to your mobile wallet.

Select the card you wish to use to make payment from your mobile wallet.

After the transaction, you will earn the corresponding KrisPay miles within the Kris+ app.

3. Transfer the KrisPay miles earned from this transaction to your KrisFlyer account at a conversion rate of 1:1.

If you’re a miles chaser, you’ll probably want to do this.

The transfer must be done within 7 days of receiving the miles, so it’s best to do so immediately.

If you do not transfer the miles within 7 days, they will remain in your Kris+ app as KrisPay miles.

If you’re not a miles chaser, you probably don’t want to transfer the KrisPay miles into KrisFlyer.

In this case, you don’t have to do anything else.

Which Cards To Use With Kris+?

Note that depending on the card you use to make payment via Kris+, you can still earn miles from your card at its normal rate.

Transactions made via Kris+ are considered online payments, so you’ll want to use specialised miles cards that earn bonus miles for online transactions to maximise the miles you can earn.

Here are some notable cards to consider:

  1. DBS Woman’s World
  2. UOB KrisFlyer
  3. amaze linked to Citi Rewards (review)
  4. HSBC Revolution (review)
  5. UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (review)
  6. UOB Lady’s/Lady’s Solitaire (review)
  7. OCBC Titanium Rewards

Most of these cards earn miles at a rate of 4 mpd with the exception of UOB KrisFlyer which earns miles at 3 mpd and UOB Lady’s which earns miles at 6 mpd under its current promotion.

Note that you will only earn bonus miles with your credit card if the underlying transaction is an eligible category per your credit card.

For example, OCBC Titanium Rewards will only earn 4 mpd on shopping transactions but not dining transactions.

Similarly, if you did not choose Dining as a bonus category for UOB Lady’s, you will not earn bonus miles for Dining transactions.

The MileLion has written an extensive post about the best cards to use for each type of transaction via Kris+, which I’ll highly recommend checking out.

How To Earn Cash Rebates (KrisPay Miles)

There are a few ways to earn KrisPay miles via Kris+:

  1. Pay at Kris+ merchants via Kris+
  2. Complete Challenges
  3. Weekly check-in
  4. Make a dining reservation
  5. Book a cab

As mentioned earlier, paying at Kris+ merchants via Kris+ actually earns KrisPay miles, but the KrisPay miles earned from these transactions can be converted to KrisFlyer miles.

But if you’re not into collecting airline miles, you can simply leave them as KrisPay miles to use as cash rebates and offset future payments.

Next, there are various Challenges that you can participate in on the Kris+ app.

These Challenges usually involve spending $X to meet some criteria, after which you will be awarded with cash rebate in the form of KrisPay miles.

There’s also a weekly check-in feature on Kris+ where you can earn 30 KrisPay miles or S$0.20 every week by checking in for 3 days within the week.

Granted, it’s not much, but it’s free cash nonetheless.

The Kris+ app allows you to make dining reservations which will award you with 100 KrisPay miles or ~S$0.70 for every successful reservation.

The reservation platform is powered by Chope, so if you were planning to make a reservation via Chope anyway, you can consider doing it via Kris+ to earn some bonus KrisPay miles.

Finally, booking a cab on Comfort Delgro’s Zig app via Kris+ allows you to earn a bonus of 1 KrisPay mile/S$1 spent.

This bonus is small enough that it’s almost irrelevant, but it’s an option nonetheless if you were going to book a cab via Zig anyway.

How To Enjoy Exclusive Deals & Privileges

Finally, with Kris+, you have access to exclusive deals and privileges with its partner merchants.

Deals are like coupons that you can buy from the merchant within the Kris+ app to use during your next visit.

These are usually limited to specific items on the menu, and buying the deal gives you a discount compared to paying the actual price in-store.

You need to purchase the deal on the Kris+ app before redeeming it.

Meanwhile, privileges are just an inherent benefit of using Kris+ to pay at partner merchants.

These are usually discounts that you can redeem just by scanning to pay with Kris+ – you don’t need to buy anything on the app beforehand.

You can see the deals and privileges for a particular merchant by searching for them on the Kris+ app.

For example, if I search for Polar Puffs & Cakes, I can see that there is 1 deal and 1 privilege available.

Signup Reward

If you’re interested in signing up for Kris+, there’s a referral signup reward of S$5 in the form of 750 KrisPay miles.


To summarise,

With the potential to earn bonus KrisFlyer miles, cash rebates in the form of KrisPay miles, and exclusive deals and privileges, Kris+ is a great app that everyone should use, not just miles chasers.

Do you use Kris+? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below!

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