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4 Tips For Tracking Your Expenses

Last month, I wrote an article about why you should track your expenses.

It makes you more financially aware and allows you to do more with the same amount of money, among other things.

Hopefully, you’ve started tracking your Read more


Beginner’s Guide: Lump-Sum Investing & Dollar-Cost-Averaging

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Imagine that you have a sum of money, say $12k, perhaps from a bonus, inheritance, or some excess savings, that you want to invest.

But you’re not sure what strategy you should use to invest this money.

Well, Read more

Debit Cards Investing Savings Accounts

The 2 Best Savings Accounts For Students & Young Adults

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With all the savings accounts that are available to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones you should use.

Today, I’m going to solve this problem by telling you which, in my opinion, are the Read more