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The Best Savings Account For Adults & Students 2022

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Savings Accounts

JumpStart Account 2022: The Best Savings Account?

Standard Chartered (SC) recently revamped the interest rate for their JumpStart account.

It now offers higher base interest plus an option to earn additional interest.

In today’s post, I’ll take a closer look at these changes and compare how it … Read more

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A Guide To Emergency Funds: Why You Need It, How To Build One, And Where To Keep It

An emergency fund is one of the most important pillars of personal finance.

It should be something that everyone squares away even before thinking about investing.

When I realised I didn’t have any posts about emergency funds on my blog, Read more

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The 2 Best Savings Accounts For Students & Young Adults

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With all the savings accounts that are available to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones you should use.

Today, I’m going to solve this problem by telling you which, in my opinion, are the Read more

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The Frugal Handbook #5: Zero Or Nothing

You’ve probably had a kids savings account at some point in your life. 

Then, you probably (hopefully) realised that there are better savings accounts that you could be using like the Jumpstart account, made the switch, and went on about Read more

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Should You Close Your Jumpstart Account?

Not too long ago, the Standard Chartered Jumpstart (SCJ) account was the best fuss-free, no-frills, high-interest savings account for students and young adults available on the market.

In its prime, the SCJ account offered an interest rate of 2% p.a. Read more