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TFH #19: New Money

Today, there are countless different applications and membership programs that require us to sign up for an account before we can start using their services or platform.

From food delivery to e-commerce to ride-hailing, if you don’t have an account, you probably can’t do anything on their mobile apps.

As customers, this can be frustrating because we may want to use these services or platforms just this one time.

But we’re forced to create an account first and go through the hassle of having yet another set of login details to remember.

However, there’s also some good to this.

Because the competition is so fierce, companies usually run some type of customer acquisition program like offering rewards to new customers to attract customers to use their platform.

Naturally, this translates into savings for us as customers if we’re able to take advantage of these rewards.

These new joiner rewards are usually in the form of a first-time discount code, cash rebate, or reward points that have a monetary value.

Chances are that if you already intend to use the platform or service, you will be able to take advantage of the welcome reward if there is one.

But welcome rewards aren’t made equal.

Some are awarded automatically upon signing up, some require users to enter a promo code or referral code during the signup process, and some are only awarded after you fulfil some criteria.

This is why every time I sign up for a new app or program, I’ll first check if there are any welcome offers for new customers and how to receive them.

These campaigns are usually advertised on the company’s official website, and a quick Google search should also point you to blogs that promote them.

Between these sources, you should be able to find the details you need to know regarding any welcome promotion.

Here are some examples of apps or platforms that offer sign-up rewards to new customers:

App Welcome
up to US$100
AAPL shares
Referral link
in guide
Read my
guide here
TADA (ride-
S$3 voucher PW4178 Enter code
during signup
(mall loyalty
S$5 voucher
+ S$3 voucher with
purchase of
S$20 voucher
4CLMLX Enter code
during signup

The next time you need to sign up for an account for anything, be sure to check for welcome offers to enjoy some rewards!

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