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TFH #32: MyMcDonald’s

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Many companies have developed their own apps to allow customers to access their services more seamlessly, and I think McDonald’s has been very successful at this.

The app works surprisingly well and incorporates useful and attractive features that anyone can appreciate.

First, the McDonald’s app grants you access to a wide variety of exclusive deals.

From 1-for-1 deals to 50% off promotions, McDonald’s frequently offers generous promotions on the app even for their all-time favourite items like McSpicy.

Next, the McDonald’s app now also allows users to place orders for dining in, take away, and even drive-thru orders.

So you can order your items while seated in the restaurant or when you’re still walking over from your home or office and skip the line for queueing up.

Payment can be made seamlessly via Apple Pay, but you can also choose to pay with a card or GrabPay.

They also have a loyalty program called MyMcDonald’s, where customers will earn 10 points/$1 spent on all orders.

Points can then be used to redeem various food and drink items on the app.

In this way, taking advantage of mobile ordering allows us to earn bonus rewards besides what we would earn from making payments with our credit card of choice.

Depending on what you use the points to redeem, the effective rewards rate you’ll enjoy will vary.

For example, you can redeem an Apple Pie for 250 points, which you’ll earn after spending $25.

Given that an Apple Pie costs ~$1.50, you’ll be redeeming your points at a cashback rate of 6%, which is extremely generous.

As with most reward programs, the redemption rate tends to be more favourable for more expensive items.

If instead, you choose to redeem a 2-piece Chicken McCrispy (U.P. ~$7) for 750 points (ie $75 spending), your cashback rate stands at a whopping 9.3%.

I don’t know about you, but being able to save time with mobile orders while earning extra rewards is a huge win to me.

With all that the McDonald’s app has to offer, there’s really no reason not to be using it.

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