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TFH #20: Play And Earn

Many people play mobile games daily for enjoyment or to pass the time.

Most games don’t allow us to convert the time and effort that went into playing them into a monetary reward, but there are some that do.

Don’t worry, I’m not referring to blockchain crypto-based games that earn money in the form of their native tokens.

Instead, I’m referring to Shopee games.

These are simple games that are developed by Shopee and can be accessed via their mobile app.

You can access them from the Shopee app’s home screen by clicking on ‘Shopee Prizes‘.

Most, if not all of them are variations of existing games that should be familiar to most of us.

Generally, how these games work is that you earn diamonds for clearing levels or completing quests.

These diamonds can then be redeemed for rewards that have monetary value such as Shopee coins, store vouchers, platform vouchers, or free products.

The best rewards to redeem are platform vouchers and free products, so they are usually the most expensive rewards to redeem.

The caveats here are that it takes a fair bit of time to earn enough diamonds to redeem a substantial reward, and there is a lot of competition when trying to redeem these rewards.

Rewards are typically released in limited quantities on a weekly basis, and the good ones are always fully redeemed within a minute from their release time.

So you’ll need to ‘camp’ at the rewards store prior to the release time in order to have any chance of successfully redeeming them.

The good thing is that while it may take a while to earn sufficient diamonds to make a redemption, they are pretty easy to earn in that the games are easy to play.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the Shopee games available:

Shopee Candy is basically Candy Crush/Bejeweled where you match different types of candy to clear each stage.

Shopee Words is a crossword puzzle where you have to fill up the board with words using a defined set of letters.

Shopee Run is similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfer where you play as a character running through a map trying to avoid obstacles while clearing the level.

Shopee Bubble is a bubble shooter game where you clear levels by popping bubbles.

Admittedly, these games aren’t the most fun or engaging ones around.

So if you want a fun gaming experience, these probably won’t cut it.

But if you’re simply looking to play a game to pass the time, these are options that give you a chance to earn real, monetary rewards.

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