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TFH #37: XNAP To Earn

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Card payments, specifically via credit cards, often allow us to maximise rewards on our spending.

Even with the advent of mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay, there are still times when card payments aren’t an option.

Many small business owners in Singapore only accept cash and QR payments instead.

Just when all hope seems lost, alas, there is a way to earn credit card rewards from QR payments – via XNAP.

What Is XNAP?

XNAP is a digital payment network that focuses on QR payments.

They are operated by Liquid Group, a fintech company specialising in digital payments.

Further, Liquid Group is regulated as a Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, so they should be safe.

How Does XNAP Work?

XNAP works by processing eligible QR payments via your smartphone’s mobile wallet, thereby allowing you to make a QR payment via a credit card.

For example, if I scan an eligible XNAP QR code from a merchant, I can make payment via any card saved in my Apple Pay wallet.

I will then be able to earn rewards from the credit card I used for payment as long as the transaction is not under the exclusion list.

Note that as of writing this post, XNAP is only compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Which Merchants Accept XNAP?

Merchants that are partnered with XNAP are usually food stalls in coffee shops or hawker centres.

XNAP operates via QR codes, so if the stall doesn’t accept any QR payments, they probably don’t support XNAP.

If they do accept QR payments, check the list of supported apps for either the XNAP or LiquidPay logos:

Liquid pay xnap logo

If you see these logos, then they accept XNAP.

Otherwise, they probably don’t support XNAP, but there’s no harm pulling up the XNAP app to check either way.

Which Categories Are XNAP Transactions Coded Under?

According to The Mile Lion, these transactions are coded under merchant category code (MCC) 5814 – fast food restaurants.

Which Cards Earn Rewards For XNAP Transactions?

If you’re looking to earn credit card rewards for XNAP transactions, you need to make sure that MCC 5814 is an eligible category for that card.

Using the right card can earn up to 6 miles per dollar (mpd) on XNAP transactions.

Here are some examples of miles cards that fit the bill:

Note that the Citi Rewards card will only earn 4 mpd on XNAP transactions if it transacts via the amaze card.

And, since the amaze card is not supported by Apple Pay yet, it means only Android (Google Pay) users will have this option.

For UOB Lady’s/Lady’s Solitaire, it will only earn 6 mpd if you selected “Dining” as the bonus category for that quarter.

How To Use XNAP?

XNAP is extremely simple to use.

First, download the XNAP app from the Apple / Google Play store.

Then, when you want to make a payment, open the app and click “Scan QR”.

Pay via your mobile wallet and select which card you wish to make payment from to complete the transaction.

That’s it!

No account creation is required, and no need to add your card to the app directly.

Will you use XNAP? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below!

4 replies on “TFH #37: XNAP To Earn”

Would you be able to do an updated article on the latest best mile rewards card for someone who just completed NS or for anyone in general.
Appreciate the work you put in for your readers!

Hey Jasper,

Thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my posts!

I’ve been meaning to write updated versions of my best credit card series, but I haven’t been able to find the time with the interesting updates there have been to share haha.

I’ll find some time to get around to it, but meanwhile, I think the verdict still stands that HSBC Revolution is the best miles card for the majority of people for the following reasons:
– 4 mpd on almost all common daily transactions (shopping, groceries, dining, cabs, travel)
– No annual fee
– Free Entertainer with HSBC subscription

Citi Rewards paired with amaze works well too, but it misses out on travel transactions like flight and hotel bookings.

You can check out my reviews on some specialised miles cards here:
– HSBC Revolution Card
– Citi Rewards Card
– UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card
– UOB Lady’s Card

Hope this helps!

hello TFS!

thanks for the informative post, can i check if cashback rebate cards also work the same, like ocbc 365 for example?

Hey Nicholas,

Thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my posts.

Yes, XNAP should work for cashback credit cards as well, as long as the MCC is considered as an eligible transaction for that credit card.

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