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The Frugal Handbook #2: McFreebies

Many people already know this, but there are still many who don’t.

Occasionally, McDonald’s has events on its mobile app where you can get free deals once daily throughout the duration of the event.

The current event is called “Wheel Of Prosperity”, which is their CNY event. They also had events for Christmas and National Day.

These deals usually give you a drink, side, or dessert either for free or at the price of $1 with any other purchase.

While you’ll probably end up getting something lame like Jasmine Green Tea or Iced Milo most of the time, there are attractive deals like 6 pc McNuggets and Twister Fries/Shaker Fries.

During the current CNY event, both the McNuggets and Twister Fries were free with any purchase.

To get the most out of these deals, I often redeem them by buying an Apple Pie – I get to have both an Apple Pie and a side for just $1.20.

Or, if I was looking to get a decent meal, I’d get a McChicken/Fillet-O-Fish + Twister Fries and an Apple Pie + McNuggets – all at the price of $4 or less! 

Note that you’re only allowed to redeem 1 deal per purchase, so if you want to redeem more than 1 deal, you’ll have to split your order into separate orders.

While McDonald’s isn’t the healthiest option, it’s always nice to have the option for an affordable snack if you get hungry when you’re outside or have sudden cravings you need to satisfy.

And of course, consume everything in moderation – you don’t have to redeem every McDonald’s deal that comes your way just because it may be a good deal.

It’s important to loosen up and enjoy life, but it’s even more important to stay healthy!

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