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The Frugal Handbook #4: Affordable Dining

Everyone knows that if you want to save money, you should reduce eating out and have more meals at home instead.

The idea is that eating out tends to be pricey, and that’s usually true.

However, it is possible to enjoy a good meal in a restaurant without burning a hole in your wallet.

There are several apps/services that are available to achieve this, but the best one, in my opinion, is Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond is an annual subscription service that grants you access to food/beverage deals at various merchants.

These deals are either 1-for-1 food items or 30% off the total bill, subject to various terms and conditions.

This means that if you dine as an even number group, your meal could potentially cost 50% less – so instead of paying $30 for a meal, you’d pay only $15. 

While this isn’t as cheap as eating at a coffeeshop or at home, it’s an extremely reasonable price to pay for dining at a restaurant or cafe.

The usual price of Burpple Beyond is $99/year, but you can get 30% off if you sign up using a referral link – costing only $69/year instead.

After a few uses of Burpple Beyond, you’d earn back the amount that you paid for the subscription in savings. 

This is an amazing deal because Burpple has partnered with a wide variety of merchants, so there will definitely be some that you enjoy patronising and Burpple Beyond will allow you to enjoy promotions there that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Some of my personal favourites include Breadyard, Amano, Assembly Ground, and Machi Machi and in the past 20 months of using Burpple, I have saved ~$900 in deals.

This works out to be a 680% return on my “investment” of paying for Burpple Beyond – which sounds like a good deal if I’ve ever seen one!

The merchants partnered with Burpple cater very well to the preferences of students and young adults, so if you fall in this category and don’t have Burpple Beyond yet, I’d definitely recommend you to start using it! 

If you’d like to get 30% off your Burpple Beyond subscription, you can use my referral link!

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