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The New Seedly Rewards Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Seedly recently revamped its rewards system.

In the past, you were only able to redeem rewards like personal finance guides or discount vouchers for very specific merchants which most of us probably wouldn’t use.

But with this latest revamp, Seedly’s rewards system actually offers some attractive rewards now, and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about it in this post.

What is Seedly?

Seedly needs no introduction in Singapore.

They’re the biggest personal finance community in the country and a one-stop shop for personal finance-related information.

They offer an expense tracker, a plethora of blog posts and guides about personal finance, a reviews platform for financial products, and a community/forum platform dedicated to personal finance.

Their goal?

To help fellow Singaporeans make smarter financial decisions and take charge of their finances.

What Is Seedly Rewards?

As its name suggests, Seedly Rewards is Seedly’s rewards programme.

This programme incentivizes users to engage in discussions and share their thoughts about anything related to personal finance on Seedly’s community platform.

By performing certain tasks, users will earn credits based on their membership tier, and these credits can then be redeemed for cash rewards like food and transport vouchers.

How Does It Work?

The Seedly Rewards programme is an optional programme that Seedly members can join.

By default, existing members are not enrolled on the programme, so you’ll have to do this manually.

Under the Seedly Rewards programme, contributing to Seedly’s community platform will allow users to earn Seeds and Credits simultaneously at a rate determined by your tier.


Seeds are earned for every contribution you make on Seedly.

Seeds determine which tier you fall under. So as you accumulate Seeds, you will increase your tier as well.

There is no limit to how many Seeds you can earn regardless of your tier.


Credits are also earned for every contribution you make on Seedly.

Credits are what you use to redeem rewards under this programme.

Unlike Seeds, there is a cap to how many Credits you can earn each month, which is determined by your tier.

Credits will expire at the end of the 6th month from the time they were earned, ie all Credits earned in Aug 2022 will expire on 28 Feb 2023, all Credits earned in Sep 2022 will expire on 31 Mar 2023, etc.

Using Credits to redeem rewards will not hinder your tier progression.


There are 3 tiers in the Seedly Rewards programme – Millionaire, Billionaire, and Trillionaire.

You can level up your tier by earning Seeds.

Your tier dictates the earn rate of Seeds and Credits for each contribution you make on Seedly, the limit on how many Credits you can earn each month, and the types of rewards you can redeem.

Here is a table compiling the details of each tier:

Tier Benefits

Millionaire Billionaire Trillionaire
Seeds Needed
To Attain Tier
0 >1,200 >5,000
Credits & Seeds
Earn Rate
1x 1.25x 1.5x
Max Credits
(per month)
1,200 3,000 5,000
Redeem Rewards
With Credits
Yes Yes Yes
Access Guides Yes Yes Yes
Access Investment
No Yes Yes
Apply As Opinion
No No Yes
Invitation To Top
No No Yes

The earning of Seeds to level up your tier is split into 2 cycles of 6 months each – from 1 Feb to 31 Jul and from 1 Aug to 31 Jan.

At the start of each cycle, your starting tier is recalculated and determined by the number of Seeds you earn during the previous cycle.

But since this programme just launched and everyone will be in their first cycle, the Seeds you earn in the current cycle will determine your tier for both the current cycle and the next cycle.

For example, if you accumulate >1,200 Seeds in the current cycle (1 Aug 2022 – 31 Jan 2023), you will attain the Billionaire tier in the current cycle and will start the next cycle (1 Feb 2023) in the Billionaire tier.

But if you earn <1,200 Seeds in the next cycle (1 Feb 2023 – 31 Jul 2023), then you will be downgraded and start the following cycle (1 Aug 2023 – 31 Jan 2024) in the Millionaire tier.


Under the Seedly Rewards programme, there are 4 ways you can contribute on Seedly:

  1. Start a Discussion
  2. Leave a Comment/Reply
  3. Publish an Opinion
  4. Write a Review

All of these actions will earn you a base rate of 100 Seeds and Credits, except writing a review, which earns 200 Seeds and Credits.

Remember that the earn rate of Seeds and Credits will differ depending on your tier, as will the maximum number of Credits you can earn per month.

Credits earned
per Contribution
Millionaire Billionaire Trillionaire
Start Discussion 100 125 150
Leave Comment
100 125 150
Publish Opinion 100 125 150
Write Review 200 250 300
Max Credits
(per month)
1,200 3,000 5,000

Continuing to make contributions after you have reached the monthly limit of Credits you can earn will no longer earn you Credits in the same month, but will continue to earn you Seeds, which will count towards your tier progression.

What Rewards Are Available?

As of writing this post, the rewards catalogue for the Seedly Rewards programme is pretty attractive, at least in my opinion.

Other than a list of Seedly guides that are free to redeem, you can redeem cash vouchers for merchants including Grab, TADA, and TANGS.

Here is a full list of rewards and how many Credits they cost.


Credits Needed Tier Requirement
Seedly Guides 0 None
S$2 GrabFood Voucher 2,000 None
S$5 Dunkin’ Donuts Voucher 5,000 None
Investing in China Tech
Stocks: What You Should Know
0 Billionaire
S$5 Paris Baguette Gift Card 5,000 None
S$3 Grab Voucher 3,000 None
S$5 Huggs Coffee 5,000 None
S$10 SEPHORA Voucher 10,000 None
S$5 TADA Voucher 5,000 None
S$10 GrabFood Voucher 10,000 None
S$10 Grab Voucher 10,000 None
S$20 TANGS Voucher 20,000 None

Note that the list of redeemable rewards may change, and Seedly has said that they will release new rewards every month, so it’s best to check every month for the updated catalogue.

Also, note that some rewards may have an expiration date, so be sure to check your reward after redeeming it and use it in time to avoid any issues.

Are The Rewards Worth It?

If I didn’t think these rewards are worth it, I wouldn’t be writing an entire post dedicated to this, would I?

Based on the redemption rate of the cash vouchers available, we can see that 100 Credits are generally worth $0.10 in monetary value.

This means that the simple act of leaving a comment/reply or starting a discussion on Seedly will earn you $0.10 every time you do it until you hit your monthly Credit limit.

And if you’re at a higher tier like Billionaire or Trillionaire, then each contribution you make earns you more than $0.10 – up to $0.15 per contribution.

Considering that it doesn’t take much effort to make a contribution, this is definitely an easy way to rack up some vouchers to offset your expenses.

Plus, you’ll also be making a contribution to the community by sharing your thoughts or starting a meaningful discussion, which can be helpful to other members of the community.

It’s like getting rewarded for helping people or even just for asking questions – what’s not to like?

Sure, it may take you a month or two to earn enough Credits to actually redeem a reward due to the monthly limit on Credits you can earn, but I think it’s still a great programme to take advantage of.

Step-by-step Guide

If you’re interested in taking part in the Seedly Rewards programme, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about redeeming your very first reward.

1: Sign Up For A Seedly Account

The first thing you’ll need is a Seedly account.

If you don’t already have one, you can sign up at their website or via their mobile app.

2: Join The Seedly Rewards Programme

Once you have a Seedly account, you need to join the Seedly Rewards programme by navigating to the Seedly Rewards page.

On the website, click on the present icon at the header menu.

Source: Seedly

On the mobile app, navigate to your profile and click on your level, then scroll down to Seedly Rewards and click on the link.

Source: Seedly
Source: Seedly

When joining the programme, you’ll be asked to link your mobile number to your account for 2FA purposes.

3: Engage The Community To Earn Seeds & Credits

Now that you’ve joined Seedly Rewards, you’ll be able to start earning Seeds and Credits for your contributions to the community, so it’s time to start engaging.

Start A Discussion

Starting a discussion means writing a post on Seedly’s community page.

You could do this to ask a question, share your thoughts, rant, share an article, etc.

Regardless of what your post is about, you’ll earn Seeds and Credits for it.

Leave A Comment Or Reply

You can respond to Seedly’s blog articles and other members’ posts or Opinions by leaving comments.

You can even respond to other members’ comments by replying to them.

All of these actions are eligible to earn Seeds and Credits.

Publish An Opinion

As a Seedly member, you’re not able to write blog articles on Seedly, but you can still share your thoughts by publishing an Opinion.

Opinions are basically blog articles written by Seedly community members instead of a Seedly staff member.

You can apply to be an Opinion writer on Seedly if you’re a Trillionaire tier member.

Or, if you previously had access to Seedly Opinions, you will continue to have access to it even if you’re not a Trillionaire tier member.

Every Opinion you post on Seedly earns you Seeds and Credits and there is no limit to the number of Opinions you can post.

There’s also no requirement as to what your Opinions post must constitute in terms of the type of content, length of content, etc.

Write A Review

Finally, you can also leave product reviews of various financial products.

There’s a wide variety of products you can review including bank accounts, credit cards, investment brokers, insurance plans, electricity retailers, etc.

Leaving a review lets you share your experience and thoughts about the products you’ve used to help other members get a better idea of the product and what to expect.

Also, remember that writing a review earns you more Seeds and Credits than usual – 200 each at the base rate.

4: Level Up Your Tiers

While it’s not necessary to level up your tier in order to redeem rewards, you’ll probably want to.

That’s because your tier determines your Seeds and Credits earn rate and also the monthly limit on the number of Credits you can earn.

In turn, this affects how quickly you’ll be able to earn enough Credits to redeem rewards.

As explained earlier, you can level up your tier by earning Seeds within a 6-month cycle.

You can check the number of Seeds you’ve earned this cycle by going to the Seedly Rewards page and clicking on “About Tiers & Credits”.

Source: Seedly

At the top, you’ll see the number of Seeds you’ve earned in this cycle, as well as how many more you need to earn to progress to the next tier.

Source: Seedly

When you earn enough Seeds to level up, you will unlock that tier immediately in the current cycle and will also start the next cycle in that tier.

Even after you’ve hit the monthly limit on Credits you can earn, you can still continue to earn Seeds for the month which will count towards your tier progression.

And if you level up your tier after reaching the monthly limit of earnable Credits, your monthly limit will increase in correspondence to your new tier.

That is, let’s say you started the month as a Millionaire.

You make enough contributions to earn >3,000 Seeds to level up to the Billionaire tier but have only earned 1,200 Credits up to that point due to the monthly limit for Millionaire.

Once you’ve levelled up to Billionaire, your monthly limit now increases to 3,000 Credits, so you can continue to earn Credits in the same month.

5: Redeem Your Rewards

Once you’ve earned enough Credits to redeem a reward of your choice, head over to the Rewards page (as shown in Step 1) to redeem your reward.

Depending on your tier and how active you are in the community, it might take you more than 1 month to accumulate enough Credits to redeem the reward of your choice.

Remember that rewards may have expiration dates, so be sure to check them and use them accordingly to avoid any issues.

Also, be sure to check the terms & conditions of the rewards before redeeming them.

Tips To Earn Rewards Quicker

1: Daily Check-In

The Seedly Rewards programme has also implemented a daily check-in feature that awards 200 bonus Credits when you check in for 7 consecutive days.

You can find this feature on the Seedly Rewards page.

Source: Seedly

Unfortunately, these bonus Credits are counted in your monthly Credit limit.

So they cannot be received if you’ve already met your monthly limit of Credits.

2: Hit Your Credits Earning Limit Every Month

Obviously, if you want to earn rewards as quickly as possible, you need to earn Credits as quickly as possible.

This means you should try to earn the maximum number of Credits every month.

And, as mentioned above, you should also try to level up your tier as this will allow you to earn more Credits every month.

3: Write More Reviews

If you don’t have much time on your hands to spend engaging with the community on Seedly but still want to take advantage of this programme, you can focus on writing product reviews instead.

This earns you the most number of Seeds and Credits – twice the rate of other types of contributions.

It doesn’t take much time to write a review, and you’re still able to contribute to the community by sharing your thoughts and experiences on different financial products.

Closing Thoughts

I think this revamp to the Seedly Rewards programme is fantastic because it encourages community members to contribute to the platform in one way or another.

Whether you’re a personal finance veteran or a completely new member, you’ll be motivated to find ways to contribute to the community in whichever way you can.

The biggest fear I have is with regard to the potential spam that the platform might face.

There’s no requirement in terms of the quality of discussions, comments, replies, Opinions, or reviews that members must meet in order to earn Seeds and Credits.

This means it’s possible for users to make “empty” contributions that don’t add any value to the community for the sole purpose of earning Seeds and Credits.

This could potentially lead to a negative user experience for members who are genuinely looking to create or view meaningful content on the platform.

The good news is that I haven’t come across much of this since the programme went live, and hopefully, things remain this way.

What do you think about the new Seedly Rewards programme? Let me know in the comments below!

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